Gangnam Style 2nd Version Ft. Hyuna Review

21 Aug

Hello everyone! This Gangnam Style craze has been going on for a while now but I think it’s still so far from slowing down. It’s like Mother Earth is also doing the Horse Dance right now. To add up to all that, Psy released a new version of Gangnam Style. This time featuring Hyuna.

Here’s the video:

Though it is not as full-blown as the first version, it still did have some uniqueness in it and here I go again as I point out all of that.

Psy and the Frog Dance 

New Dance Craze

I just made the “Frog Dance” up. Anyway, in this new video, we saw Psy do a couple of different moves. For one, he crouched and then jumped side ways while singing. There’s also that awkward robot dance which is hilarious in my opinion. To sum it all up, this guy’s charisma and presence can’t be denied.


Hyuna Gangnam Style

Now that I think about it, there’s only two stuff that holds this video up. Those two things are Psy and Hyuna. I heard that the aim of this music video is to show the girl version of Gangnam Style. If you put it that way, it actually makes complete sense as to why Hyuna was in our faces the whole time.

For the guys, there’s actually nothing much to complain about since she’s beautiful, she’s charming and awesome. But somehow, the Youtube video is getting mix reactions as some of the viewers disliked the video. The music video was very simple that it can’t come as close as the original version that’s why some people disliked it. I’m guessing that it is because either of these two things, budget or time constraints. Because when I look at it, I think these people can come up with another video like the first version if they would just put their time on it. But still, Hyuna is as cute as ever and Psy is still a chubby badass so fair enough!


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